Heat Resistant Silicone Mat For Hair Tools

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When traveling, we all hope to look great, and that's hard to do without hair tools. But a big problem with them is when they're hot and you're not using them, where do you set them? Putting them on a countertop might burn it, or start a fire even! So stay prepared and start using the Heat Resistant Silicone Mat Made For Hair Tools! 

Material: High-Quality Silica Gel

Size: 21.6cm x 15.6cm

*Hair Tools Not Included

  • Includes A Snap Fastener To Quickly Cool Down And Cover Your Tools

  • Helps Avoid Damaging Countertops With High Heat Tools

  • Made Of High-Quality Silica Gel
  • Large Surface Area (21.6cm x 15.6cm) With Bumps So Your Tools Don't Slip