Advanced Massage Travel Neck Pillow

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The unavoidable neck pain of sitting in one position for a long time while traveling is for a lot of people the worst part of what is supposed to be a great experience, but now with the Advanced Massage Travel Neck Pillow, near-real massage experiences are delivered straight to your neck with a ton of modes to try out, even a digitalized hot compress! 

  • Fast To Charge, With A Long Lifespan (Make Sure To Use A 5V Charger)

  • Covered With Skin-Friendly Cotton
  • Filled With Soft, Slow-Rebound Memory Foam
  • Advanced Massage Motors Closley Replicate A Real, Deep-Kneading Massage

  • Adjustable Fastener

  • Several Modes To Try Out Like Standard Massage, Keading, Hot Compress, And Pounding Vibration (Note: Advanced Model Includes All 4 Modes, Basic Model Includes Only Vibration) 



Customer Reviews

Based on 183 reviews
Lisa Hamill

Well packed. Excellent quality. Recommended

Ally Morar

It fits the description and is good value for money. It can massage not only the neck, but also the shoulders and arms.

Tre Conroy

Fast delivery, large pillow size, built-in lithium battery, rechargeable style, package with charging cable, strong massage power, in line with the description, I like it very much!

Jevon Pollich

Best thing I’ve invested in I love this!

Jeffrey Mohr

Works well, very comfortable!