Pack-Apart-Pit™ The Portable Lightweight Fire Pit

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Responsible, easy, and fun, the Pack-Apart-Pit™ adds a more authentic feel to any outdoor adventure without most of the annoying cleanup and setup of a traditional campfire. And when you're done using it, it folds back into a small pouch that can be taken anywhere and reused forever!

  • Perfect For Heating Up Cooking Appliances Like Pots And Pans Outdoors

  • Fits Right Back Into A Small Cloth Carrying Pouch

  • Concentrates A Lot Of Heat To Make Cooking Quicker

  • Minimal Cleanup Required
  • Built With Non-Toxic Stainless Steel 
  • Can Use Any Fire Starter Used For Cooking That Will Fit In The Pit

  • 2 Size Variants, Large and Medium 



Material:  Non-Toxic Stainless Steel