Pool Float Ultra-Tough Quick-Fixer (Clear Strips)

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Fix annoying air leaks in seconds and have your favorite floats feeling brand-new! These ultra-tough and waterproof strips made of polyurethane tape are easy to attach and are sure to last a long time. As well as fixing pool floats, these strips can fix many other things meant to be waterproof like tents, rain jackets, umbrellas, etc. Check out some more specific features below!

Material: Durable Polyurethane Tape

Features & Details:

  • Easy To Apply, Fix Leaks Immediately

  • Can Be Used On Many Other Products, Not Just Pool Floats

  • Very Tough And Wear Resistant

  • Fully Waterproof And Provides An Airtight Seal

Size: 5 Cm Width

Instructions For Use: Ensure that the surface is clean before using. Peel off backing paper and apply tape strips directly on top of the damage, keeping it as flat as possible. Once down, rub with a smooth, hard object to ensure the best adhesion and no air bubbles. Leave alone for a few minutes, and then your repaired object should be good as new!