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One of the most annoying things about owning a car is all the bruises it seems to get, you always wonder "How did that scratch happen?". Well, now you can get the edges of your car fully scratchproof in less than 10 minutes with the ScratchStopper™! Here are some features of this car owner must-have:

  • Prevents Scratching Other Cars As Well When Getting Out
  • Scatch-Proof Braided Steel Coated With Soft Long-Lasting PVC

  • Seals Your Car From Contaminants Better, Also Waterproof
  • Fits On EVERY Car, Just Cut Off How Much You Need

  • Offers Full Protection To Car Door Edges 
  • Works Great In All Four Seasons 
  • Can Cover Up Existing Damage
  • Also Helps Prevent Chips And Bumps 

  • Prevents Scratching Other Cars As Well When Getting Out
  • Extremely Easy To Install 

Customer Reviews

Based on 495 reviews
Cecile Kozey

All OK

Ivah Schmeler

Nice thing. Took 5 meters was not enough. I did only the driver's and passenger doors. L200 he bitch big

Adeline Schmitt

Normal quality

Sven Borer

Excellent thing, I had to really order a second time, not enough. Enough on the door and trunk Chevrolet Aveo T300

Abagail Mohr

Cool Shit, with metal inside metal relatively easily bends ill can not put Seller Thank you

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