PB+ Portable Pet Water Dispenser

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This no-mess water dispenser is the perfect addition to walks with your furry friends! The bowl-like design encourages natural drinking for animals and is easy to use and tough against leaks while still being easy to carry around! Check out more features below!

  • All Dogs Love It! Promotes Natural Drinking With Bowl-Like Curve Design

  • Never Waste Water! Unused water can go back into the container easily by holding the dispensing key and tilting back

  • Won't Leak In Bags! Fully Leak-Proof Silica Seal

  • Perfect for dogs who drink a lot! Comes in 350ml (12oz) and 550ml (19oz) capacities (Measurements below) 

  • Made of durable and safe food-grade material

  • Very easy to use, just open the lock, press the dispensing button, and tilt forward


Customer Reviews

Based on 500 reviews
Evangeline Konopelski

Хорошая бутылка, французику понравилась, удобно брать с собой на прогулки. Но есть недостаток-ползунок блокировки плохо фиксирует кнопку налива воды и если на нее с усилием нажать, то может протечь.

Jimmy Miller

All looking good, didn’t try yet but plastics look firm

Eloise Koss

It came quickly! Sobaken is happy and now the dog has his own personal bottle :) The quality is excellent, very convenient and you can hang on the backpack. The owners of our brothers smaller recommend! :)

Lisandro Ruecker

Ideal drinker, I like it, the dog too)))

Rosemary Beatty

Excellent quality. And the mistress and the dog like